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DVD:  FIVE ORGANS QIGONG, Level III, Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong

DVD: FIVE ORGANS QIGONG, Level III, Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong


Rarely taught in the West, this Five Organs Qigong DVD utilizes Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to promote internal health and balance the Five Yin organs- the heart, spleen, lung, kidney and liver. Each organ plays a key role in our health, and is associated with a particular emotion. The Five Organ Forms utilize precise movements, healing sounds (mantras), hand figures (mudras) and visualizations to deliver healing Qi directly into the organs to strengthen and normalize their function. 

At the same time they work on a profound level to heal and balance the emotions for spiritual transformation. The 13th and final form brings one to the ultimate step: Returning to the ONE, beyond 

all duality, merging the individual Qi with the Universal Qi.

This DVD is filmed for easy learning so you can "do as you see," and it includes a precise instructional dialogue enhanced by graphics describing the name of each form (in Chinese and English), the sequence of movements, and the healing sounds.  Filmed in HD (52 minutes).

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