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Wisdom Qigong:

Healing in the Qi Field


In June of 1997, I traveled to China to experience first-hand the remarkable healing results reported at the Zhineng Recovery Centre in Bedaihe (4 hours from Beijing), the world’s largest medicineless hospital.*  The centre had conducted a study of 7,935 cases, using modern diagnostic tests before and after the 24-day sessions to verify the healing results of Qigong. The results were impressive: a 95% overall effective healing rate in treating over 180 diseases- all without medicines or special diets- just plenty of exercise, love and Qi.  From that total, 15% included miraculous cures with the total remission of “incurable” or terminal diseases.


I first learned the 20-minute foundation form from a video by Luke Chan, then attended his weekend workshop.  When I got healing results within just 10 days of practice, I knew I had found the style of Qigong I wanted to teach. That summer, I decided to go to China to get my teaching certificate.  But my interest was not only professional:  I also was looking for a personal miracle to cure myself of a partial hearing loss in my left ear.  Since 1994 when I was in acupuncture school, I began to have periods of “stuffiness” in my ear, with a loss of hearing, until my ear “popped,” similar to what happens to you when you are in a plane that changes altitude. There was no visible trauma to my ear, so the cause was unknown. Three and a half years later, the condition became permanent, with a 50% hearing loss that was not helped by acupuncture or Chinese herbs. I was desperate to find a solution. So I resolved to use my own body to test the effectiveness of Wisdom Qigong.


When I arrived at the training center in Qinghuangdao (formerly an army barracks), I found out there were no classes offered in English. Fortunately, the center assigned an English-speaking teacher for me and two other foreigners who arrived independently. We followed the regimen of 8 hours of Qigong a day, beginning at 5.30 am and ending at 9 pm, with time off to eat and rest. During the month, I learned a total of 27 forms, (Level I to III) which were both physically demanding and challenging. I was grateful to have a background in anatomy and biomechanics, plus many years training in gymnastics, sports, dance and yoga to draw upon. After an initial week of feeling exhausted, I observed how my energy and stamina steadily increased. But while I was making great progress in learning the forms, there still was absolutely no change in my hearing.

Two days before the end of my 24-day session, there was a very special event:  the Worldwide Full Moon Meditation, personally led by Dr. Pang Ming, the founder of Zhineng Qigong. This 9.00 pm practice was synchronized with every time zone in the world, so that the 10 million Wisdom Qigong practitioners formed a worldwide healing Qi field.  When everyone gathered on the open field, I was surprised that there were over 1000 students at the training centre. We practiced the form, Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down, not for the usual 30 minutes, but for nearly 2 hours.  I had the highest hopes that, on this most auspicious night, I would be one of the lucky ones to experience a spontaneous remission of my disease, as many others had related in their healing stories.  But nothing happened, so I returned to my room, accepting that my very best efforts and determination had not produced the desired result.


The next morning I awoke to a healing crisis:  my nose was stuffed and my tongue covered with a thick white coat. While repeatedly blowing my nose, my ear suddenly “popped” and my hearing was instantly and completely restored to normal!  I was overjoyed at my good fortune, and especially grateful that now I could now go home as a "success story," personally testifying that I had experienced “miracle of natural healing” through Qigong!




Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong is an eclectic system of medical Qigong developed in the 1970’s by Dr. Pang Ming, Chinese and Western medicine doctor and Qigong Grandmaster. Having studied with many masters, he incorporated elements from Qigong and different martial arts styles with the goal of creating a system of easy-to-learn forms that are both highly effective and safe to practice without the direct supervision of a master.


Belief in Qi as a Cure for All Ailments


What greatly impressed me about the Chinese practi-tioners was their absolute belief and dedication to not only conquering their disease, but going on to raise their practice to new levels of fitness and health and becoming teachers or volunteers in the hospital. The sentiment, “I’d rather die fighting, than to stay at home waiting to die,” is often expressed in healing testimonies from the Recovery Center. Their unshakable belief in the healing power of Qi is the fuel that empowers practitioners to take charge of their health. Unlike western hospitals where doctors tell patients to get plenty of rest, take drugs and have surgery, here the prescription for healing is eight hours a day of Qigong exercise. Instead of doctors and patients, there are only teachers and students, taking an active role in their recovery by learning self-healing methods.


The Importance of the Group Energy and the Healing Qi Field


Every practice begins with the creation of the “healing Qi field,” a specific method to connect the energy of the group. This is accomplished with deep relaxation of the body and synchronizing minds with a series of healing thoughts and visualizations. The leader assists by helping to connect the collective group energy to the Universal Qi (Guanyuan Qi). In the field, more Qi is made available for individual and group healing. When practicing alone, the practitioner can still access the group healing Qi field by connecting mentally to Dr. Pang, their teacher and other practitioners.


Entering into the Qigong State

Through the deep relaxation of body, mind and breath, with the attention turned inwards, one enters into a state of homeostasis or balance where the body is in its optimum state of healing and repair. Once the Qi circulation is activated and balanced in all the meridians, and organ function is harmonised, the underlying conditions of disease – stagnation or obstruction of Qi – can be corrected so that the body heals itself.


Collecting and Exchanging Qi for Self-healing


The four forms of Level I are the foundation of the Wisdom Qigong system. They are called “open forms,” since they allow for the collecting and exchanging of Qi. This ability to move Qi in and out of the body creates the potential to eliminate bad or “sick” Qi and to access an unlimited supply of Qi from the Universe. It is the reason why Wisdom Qigong has such

remarkable healing results.


Qi Moves the Body, Mind Moves Qi


The forms activate Qi circulation in three ways:

1.   By touching or visualizing an entry/exit points (special Qigong points 
      where Qi can enter or exit the body);

2.   The body moves and directs Qi: the physical movements of the form

      that move Qi in the meridians;

3.  The mind moves and directs Qi: Visualizing “blue sky” (sends the

      individual Qi out of the body) and visualizing the “body” (brings

      Universal Qi into the body).


Qi is a Cure for All Ailments


The open forms are complemented by the “closed forms” of Levels II & III. The movements and visualizations achieve specific healing effects by normalizing Qi circulation in the meridians, balancing Yin and Yang, and promoting the normal function of the organs. This generates an abundant supply of Qi, removing all impediments in the channels, and sends Qi to target areas to nourish and revitalize all organs and parts of the body.


Emitting Qi to Oneself


Throughout the form there are movements to “gather Qi” from Earth, from Heaven, and around the body (one’s energy field) and then direct that Qi towards oneself for self-healing. Even when the practitioner is unable to execute certain movements because of lack of flexibility or coordination, the “mirroring” of the body movements with the visualisations will direct the Qi through the meridians.


Emitting Qi to Others without Depleting One’s Own Qi


Once the practitioner understands how to synchronize body with mind, or movement with intention, it is a simple matter to apply this principle to healing others. However the rule of practice in Wisdom Qigong is that the person emitting Qi is only facilitating the exchange of Qi. In this way, the healer is protected from depleting their own Qi, as well as from taking on bad or sick Qi from the patient.

The 3 Levels of Wisdom Qigong


1- Level I: Healing any Disease in the Qi Field (4 forms)


These open forms allow for the collecting and exchanging of Qi for powerful self-healing. The foundation form, Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down, should be practiced daily, even when one learns Levels II & III.


2- Level II: Body Mind Method (10 forms)


Each form targets a different part of the body with range of motion movements which deliver and assimilate the Hunyuan Qi into the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. This level fosters physical fitness, flexibility and strength, while rejuvenating the body.


3- Level III: Five Organs Qigong (13 forms)


Level III goes even deeper, delivering Qi into the five Yin organs (Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney  and Liver) to promote healing and normal function. Each form named after the Yin organ has an associated Five Element emotion, healing sound and hand figure (mudra) that helps “Qi arrive.” Finally the Qi is stored into the Hunyuan centre (a special reservoir for the five Yin organs), and in the 13th form, the return to Oneness occurs as the individual Qi merges with the Hunyuan Qi,

* Luke Chan:  101 Miracles of Natural Healing.  Benefactor Press, 1997.

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