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Free On-line Course


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 Dashi Chu Kocica, Acupuncture Physician

China-certified Qigong Instructor

Experience the remarkable healing results of Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong, rated the #1 Medical Qigong in China, with an overall 95% effective rate in healing over 180 diseases, without medicines or special diets. 

Free Lecture/Demonstration (70 minutes)

This lecture/demonstration is recommended as an introduction to Chinese Qigong and its remarkable healing benefits. Dashi will share her story of self-healing at the world’s largest Qigong hospital in China in 1997, and explain in easy-to-understand terms what Qi (Chi) is, why it is important to our health, and how the daily practice of Qigong helps reduce pain and stress, boost strength and vitality, slow down aging, and promote life-long health and inner peace. Together we will create a “group healing Qi field,” then practice the Guided Healing Meditation for our individual and collective healing.

6-class Healing Intensive

This on-line Healing Intensive is designed to give participants the optimum experience of self-healing with the daily practice of the 22-minute form, Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down (go to my web page, FREE VIDEOS to practice anytime). It is recommended to “tune in” and practice the form at the same time every day for 6-consecutive days (or if not possible, then practice it anytime within the same 24-hour period). The form always begins with creating the “group healing Qi field” by merging our collective energy fields to the Universal Qi.  
In the classes, I will give precise instruction on how to execute the movements of the form, common mistakes, and clarify how the visualizations of blue sky/body moves the Qi in and out of the body, the key to receiving powerful self- and group healing results. Participants can email questions, feedback and healing results, to be addressed in the following class.

Available in Dashi’s online store (physical or digital format) 

DVD Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down DVD (22 min), Wisdom/Zhineng Qigong, Level I

CD Guided Healing Meditation (15 min)


COST:  FREE. Love Offerings accepted

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