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Dashi Chu Kocica, AP, is an Acupuncture Physician, specializing in Asian Healing Arts and self-healing. She teaches and lectures on the healing benefits of Qigong, Taiji Chuan, and yoga at home and abroad, and is author of over a dozen DVDs on Qigong and rejuvenation. Dashi’s love for Qigong was born from 

a life-transforming experience:  In 1997 she cured herself of a partial hearing loss at the world’s largest Qigong hospital in China.  Since then she is dedicated to bringing these ancient and powerful methods \to the West. With over 50 years experience “cross training” in Qigong, Taiji and yoga, her mission is to inspire and empower the individual to take charge of their health and well-being. Her diverse back-ground in Traditional Chinese Medicine, anatomy and biomechanics has given her a unique insight into the principles of movement and energy flow. She teaches students how to experience movement as a “blissful flow of energy through the body.” Dashi has traveled to India and China to learn from master teachers, but she recognizes that the ultimate teacher is within. Gifted with natural grace and inner stillness, her teaching style is precise and analytical, yet it opens the mind to grasp the broader concepts of energy flow within the form. Dashi is the Educational Director of the Hoshino Therapy Clinic in Miami.  She is China-certified in Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong and Lian Gong, and she is a Certified Instructor of TriYoga®, Chilel Qigong,™ Qigong Healing, and the St. Germaine School of the Violet Flame.  She also teaches the Taiji Qigong 18 Form (Shibashi), Swimming Dragon Qigong and her original routine, Posturcize Part I & II: Movements for Pain-free Living, and offers teacher certification programs.  


Visit to view her articles on Qigong, calendar of workshops and international retreats, and DVDs. Subscribe: To receive updates on her workshops and international retreats, email your name and address to info@asianhealingarts.orgContact Dashi: US mobile +1 305-776-0760. 

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