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H3: Health. Hope. Healing. 
proudly presents

Free 5-day Qigong Intensive via Zoom:  


Monday-Friday, August 17- 21, 2020, 6:30-7.30 pm, EDT

Dashi Chu Kocica, A.P., Acupuncture Physician, China-certified Qigong Instructor


Experience the remarkable healing results of Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong, the #1 Medical Qigong in China, with an overall 95% effective rate in healing over 180 diseases, including cancer, lupus, diabetes, and more- all without special medicines, diets or surgery. 

The classes meet for 5-consecutive days in order to give participants the optimum experience of self-healing through the daily practice of Qigong. Together we will learn how to create a “group healing Qi field” and practice the 20-minute foundation form of Wisdom Qigong, and the Guided Healing Meditation. At the end of the series, participants will be proficient to continue practicing with Dashi’s DVD & CD. 


Place: ZOOM lecture hosted by H3: Health. Hope. Healing.
Cost:  Free.   Donate here to support the work of H3: Health. Hope. Healing.




Register now for the 5-day Qigong Intensive:

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Dashi Chu Kocica, A.P., is an Acupuncture Physician from Miami, specializing in Asian Healing Arts and self-healing. She teaches and lectures on the healing benefits of Qigong, Taiji Chuan, and yoga at home and abroad, and is the author of over a dozen DVDs on Qigong and rejuvenation. 


Visit Dashi's website, for more information, her free videos, Qigong articles and interviews, upcoming events, and to subscribe to her email calendar of events.  Contact Dashi: by email or call 305.776.0760.


About H3: Health. Hope. Healing. 
*H3: Health, Hope. Healing. Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) breast cancer organization with a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status founded in December 2009. Prior to this date, H3 worked under the name of Breast Cancer Support Group. For more information, visit H3's website and/or call 305.531.2046.



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Asian Healing Arts | 4675 Ponce De Leon Blvd. | | Ste 200 | | Coral Gables, FL 33146

We all are experiencing intense moments, making us conscious of our strengths and vulnerabilities, inspiring us to find a good balance for our mental and physical stability. H3 is back to support our community during the pandemic with our virtual educational events. Our first event is the Qigong lecture/demonstration by the renowned instructor, Dashi Chu Kocica.

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