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Supernumerary firefighters are added to an already-stretched firefighting team. "It's usually a sport where the pressure is on to do good", says Mister Gheorghe, 34, a Romanian firefighter in the Sahara. At the Benin oilfield, they are called upon to put out thousands of litres of crude oil that go up with an explosion. "You have to be very quick. And you can't touch anything. It's like being on fire", says one of the youngsters, a wild-haired teenager called Vlad. "We practice so that we know how to put out fires quickly," he adds. - From 'The New York Times' of 6 October 2013 Performing the unusual pyrotechnic art of firefighting is Mr Lazaros, 44, who has been performing at these types of events for 30 years. "When an oil or gas well goes up, you have 30 seconds to save it. That means if the fire takes off, you have to stop it, while keeping the flames at a distance so the well can continue to produce", explains Mr Lazaros. He has to perform 15 different techniques to control a fire: divert it, fight it, burn it, extinguish it, drain it and hide it. "It's like a real fight. The show is not for a laugh, it's very serious and dramatic. The spectacle is important. It's not only a show, it's a practice. I can't sleep for two days before the show", says Mr Lazaros. His troupe is composed of twelve performers of 20 to 40 years old: male dancers, singers, fire jugglers, wire artists, fire runners, pyromaniac and pyramid artists... "We perform at the world's largest pyrotechnic festival," explains the 20-year-old performer, Gazur, who, as well as pyromaniac, is also able to produce natural fires using firecrackers and missiles, as well as fight fire, extinguish fires and drain fires. Firefighting as a show At the Gemencheh oilfield in Southern Algeria, firefighting is a matter of life and death, the stakes are higher than just a fire, and the audience is a mix of people in traditional dress. "The first part of the




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Baltagul Film Online Subtitrat In Romana Download

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