Workshops by Dashi Chu Kocica

19th Annual Taiji Camp in France

Rencontres Jasnières 2006  
July 27-30, 2006

 The goals of  Rencontres Jasnieres (RJ) are:

1- To allow all those who practice Taiji Chuan to meet - whatever their style - in a spirit

    of friendly exchange. In addition to learning forms, push hands and weapons,

    workshops on internal martial arts such as Qigong, Bagua, Hsing I are also offered. 

2- To allow Taiji Chuan and Bagua teachers to demonstrate their art and skills.

3- To promote Taiji Chuan in Europe.  4- To promote an annual regional event.


Located near the famous castles and vineyard of the Loire Valley:

The meeting will take place at the lake-side camping grounds, Le Lac de Varennes in Marçon (40 km. south of Le Mans and 3 hours from Paris by car).  The site is in the middle of the vineyards of "Jasnières" and "Coteaux du Loir", close to the famous castles of the Loire Valley.

Thursday, July 27:  One-day Pre-camp Workshop

 Wisdom/Zhineng Qigong: Level I

Rated the #1 Qigong in China, Wisdom Qigong has a 95% overall improvement rate in treating over 180 diseases, without medicines or special diets.  In this workshop and learn powerful methods for self-healing and healing others (20 minute form for daily health maintenance and healing any kind of disease, standing meditation, wall squatting and Qi emission).
TIME: 10 am - 4:00 pm. PLACE:  RJ campsite. COST: 40 EU. DVD: 120 min Instructional DVD available (30EU). LANGUAGES:  English-French-Spanish.

RJ Camp Workshops (One hour 45 min sessions)


Friday, July 28: Wisdom/Zhineng Qigong Workshop
 (See description above)


July 28 & 29

Swimming Dragon Qigong


This 3-part workshop will teach an ancient Taoist form that is unparalleled for its grace and economy of movement. When practiced 20 minutes daily, it balances and stimulates the metabolism, hormones, lymph and blood circulation, promoting life-long health and inner peace.  The sinuous movements of the form help to slenderize the waist, keep the spine and joints supple and pain-free, and massage the internal organs for an overall tonic and rejuvenating effect. It is reputed to be the most effective Qigong for balancing body weight (Workshop is open to new participants on either day).




July 28-30: TriYoga® Flows for the Spine


Concurrent with the afternoon free push-hands play (3-5 pm), Dashi will offer daily classes in TriYoga® Flows, flowing sequences of wave-like movements of the spine are effective in relieving back, neck pain and shoulder pain, while promoting a supple spine  and inner peace.


Taiji Camp Information

Practice takes place out­doors, on the shores of the lake.  There are two workshops daily, 1 hour 45 min long, from 7h45 to 9h30 then from 10h15 to 12h00. Teachers will be presented on Friday, July 29 at 7h30. Afternoon practice is usually dedicated to demonstrations from 15h to 15h30 and open push hands from 15h30 to 18h. The open pus­h hands will be non-competitive: participants invite each other to push, practice, and share. Pushers should have the greatest respect for each other, which, along with the spirit of coming together to share has become the "trademark" of the success of RJ.


Camping reservations and payment should be made directly with the campsite office Camping "Lac de Varennes", 72340 Marçon Tel: 33 ( 0) 2 43 44 13 72.  A list of the nearest hotels and bed and breakfast is given for people who do not want to camp. Canteen meals are available during the camp, but must be booked and paid in advance at the time you register for the workshops.


For more information and to receive the complete Rencontres Jasnieres 2005 Program with workshop, registration forms and list of accomodations, please contact Dashi at or call  305-776-0760 Cell.


 Dashi Chu Kocica, AP, is an Acupuncture Physician and China-certified Qigong Instructor specializing in Asian Healing Arts.  Dashi teaches and lectures on the healing benefits of Qigong, Taiji and yoga at home and abroad, and is author of 8 DVDs/videos on fitness and rejuvenation.  She is the Educational Director of the Center for BioTherapeutics in Miami. For more information visit Email your name, address and telephone to receive her email calendar of workshops, retreats and DVDs.