Richard Royster Institute presents


6-day Retreat in Odenwald, Germany



with Dashi Chu Kocica, Acupuncture Physician

China-certified Zhineng Qigong Instructor


Level I:    September 3-5, 2010

Level II:  September 6-8, 2010


We are pleased to bring back Dashi to teach Levels I & II of Wisdom Qigong, rated the #1 system of medical Qigong by the Chinese government in l998. Wisdom Qigong (also known as Zhineng or Chilel® Qigong) has a documented 95% overall success rate in treating over 180 diseases, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. 

Unlike western hospitals where patients are told to get plenty of rest, have surgery or take drugs or follow special diets, here the prescription for healing is “exercise, love and plenty of Qi.”  Patients are called “students,” because they take an active role in their recovery by learning powerful self-healing methods. In these workshops you will learn safe and easy-to-practice methods that are highly effective for attaining vibrant health, longevity and self-healing. 
Level I:  Healing any Illness in the Qi Field

Don’t miss this opportunity to understand energy healing firsthand and practice the same methods that cured Dashi’s partial hearing loss in 1997 at the world’s largest Qigong hospital in China. Together we will create a "group healing Qi field" to access Qi from the Universe for individual and collective healing and practice the 4 Level I forms: Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down, the system’s foundation form for daily practice and healing any kind of illness, the once-secret temple method, Wall Squatting, Three Centers Merge Standing Meditation, and La Chi for self-healing or healing others without depleting your own energy.


Level II:  Body Mind Method- Rejuvenating the Body

This 30-minute form, called Body Mind Qigong, consists of 10 short forms that promote fitness, strength and agility of the body, while providing therapeutic relief of chronic pain and joint conditions.  Each form uses precise movements to “lead Qi” or vital energy, to every organ and joint for rejuvenation and optimum health.


Read Dashi’s article on Wisdom Qigong first published in Dragons Tale, Issue 15,
December 2006, United Kingdom.
Healing in the Qi Field German:
Heilen im Qi Feld.


Text Box: Dashi Chu Kocica, ist Akupunkteurin aus Miami, die spezialisiert auf asiatische Heilkünste und Verjüngung. Sie hat 40 Jahre Erfahrung im gleichzeitigen Trainieren von Qigong, Taiji und Yoga und ist Autorin von 8 DVDs über Qigong und Selbstheilung. Dashi ist eine in China zertifizierte Lehrerin für Wisdom/Zhineng Qigong (auch gennant ZhinengQigong oders Chi-lel Qigong®), Supreme Science Qigong, Lian Gong und TriYoga®.  Besuchen Sie Schreibt um ihren E-Mail-Kalender über Seminare und Retreats zu Hause und in Übersee zu erhalten. 



Grasellenbach, Odenwald (nearest airport, Frankfurt with easy connections to Grasellenbacb by train and bus : one hour by car from Frankfurt, 30 from Heidelberg


WORKSHOP COST:  €399 Euros per Level. (Visit for exchange rates)


PREREQUISITES:  Level I & II- none. (Students may enroll in Level II without prior attendance in Level I).


MATERIALS PROVIDED:  Outline of Levels I & II (English or German)
DVDS AVAILABLE:- Level I- English/German practice DVD of “Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down.” Level II- Body Mind Method DVD (English).


WORKSHOP REGISTRATION:  Contact Monika Weller in Germany 0049-2302-48110 (US: 011-49-2302-48110)

ACCOMODATIONS:  Lodging with full pension (3 full meals per day plus 2 coffee/tea breaks) at Hotel Die Dorflinde, plus full privileges to amenities at 4-star Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen .  Hotel reservations should be made directly with Hotel Dorflinde, c/o Ms. Petermann, Landgasthof Dorflinde, Siegfriedstr. 14, 64689 Grasellenbach, Germany. Tel.  0049-06207-92290,, Please mention Richard royster Institute to receive special group rate discount: Single room with full pension per person: € 64; Double room with full pension per person: € 56; Daily fee for non-hotel guests (lunch and coffee break): € 15.50.


CONTACT DASHI:  US Mobile: 001.305-776-0760. Email:; Website:

Amenities at Ring Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen/hotel Die Dorflinde

·        Attractive single or double rooms with view private bath or shower

·        Satellite TV and telephone

·        Large breakfast buffet with fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, cold cuts and cheese, jams, rolls, hard-boiled eggs, juice, tea or coffee

·        Coffee break- cookies and mineral water

·        Lunch & dinner buffet- 3 entrees (one vegetarian) plus soup, vegetables, large salad buffet, and two desserts

·        Full access to all amenities at 4-star Hotel Siegfriedbrunnen (next door): Sauna with free champagne and orange juice, Solarium, indoor swimming pool, large outdoor seawater pool with sun-bathing, tennis courts, mini-golf , ping-pong

·        Recreation: nature hikes in Odenwald Forest (UNESCO REGION).


Directions by car:

Coming from the north, take A5 towards Heppenheim from the Autobahn.  In Heppenheim go direction Furth.  In Furth follow signs to Grasellenbach.

Coming from the south, at the A5-Intersection in Weinheim, go direction Weinheim, then go direction Furth.  Follow signs in Furth to Grasellenbach.