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May 12 & 13, 2007
13th Octave Workshop
 Naples, Italy

“Greetings from the Council of Love.  I am Archangel Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. The doorway to the 13th Octave beckons you.  This gift, this bond melded between above and below, allows all those who seek to know and be the Love, who seek to live wholly and completely in the Christ consciousness of the seventh dimension, to enter… Each of you has come
to Earth with sacred mission and undertakings… It is only through human conditioning that you have forgotten that you are one with Love, Source and Divine Radiance.  The 13th Octave is your invitation to return home to your perfect state of full awareness, knowing and Love.  It is where you and all beings belong." (Channeled by Linda Dillon).

The Council of Love- God’s sacred alliance of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters- invites you to step forward and make the personal and soul commitment to assist in the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Initiation into the 13th Octave, the process of Divine Union, entails fully acknowledging your warrior self and being brave enough
to accept and appreciate the wholeness of who you are and what you are capable of. 

In this critical period of human evolution, this is a new opening for individuals who are prepared and ready to be pioneers, healers, teachers, showers of the way, and creators of a new cycle of Existence where humanity and
Earth live in the harmony of Love. Anchoring in the 13th Octave is about remembering who you really are, and
returning home into the Love. It means going public, stepping forward and joining with your brothers and sisters
in all realms as One. It is about saying YES!

In this workshop the Council of Love will bestow many gifts of energy, blessings, meditations and tools that will
bring your understanding of the
13th Octave and the ability to hold that energy, to new levels. These gifts are the
“keys to heaven,” the anchoring of all that you need to know God and fulfill your sacred mission of service to others with Grace, Love and Joy.

Workshop includes Opening Ceremony; 13-Chakra Opening & Balancing using pendulum and meditation; Initiation and Entry into the 13th Octave; Gifts & Tools of the 13th Octave; The 13 Blessings & Virtues Ceremony; Channeled messages & meditations from the Council
of Love; Time to laugh, love, heal and share

TIME:  Saturday, May 12, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm & Sunday, May 13, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Home of Bambi Rae, via Posillip 52, Naples, Italy. Tel 081.769.1552.
INVESTMENT:  $300 includes workshop materials. Payment in full due April 21, 2007.  
LANGUAGE:  The workshop and materials are in English.
PRE-REGISTRATION: Call Bambi Tel 081.769.1552 or Diane Furlough Tel 081.390.817.126320. Credit cards accepted.
WORKSHOP MATERIALS: Upon payment you will receive 13th Octave Manual, meditation tape by Linda Dillon and 13th Octave seed crystal from Gabrielle. For preparation and clearing before the workshop, participants should listen to the meditations daily, read the manual, and carry the crystal on their body.
BRING:  Pillow, blanket, & mat; bag lunch; pendulum and sacred objects (crystals, wands, photos) for the altar and 13th Octave send-off.
VISIT www.asianhealingarts.org to view Dashi’s calendar of workshops and DVDs, and www.counciloflove.com to learn more about Linda Dillon and the Council of Love.

  Dashi Chu Kocica is an Acupuncture Physician specializing in Asian Healing Arts.  She is a Certified 13th
  Octave Facilitator and 13th Octave LaHoChi Instructor of the St. Germaine Mystery School, and a China-
  certified Qigong Instructor and Certified TriYoga® Instructor.  She teaches and lectures on the healing benefits
  of Qigong, Taiji and yoga at home and abroad and has released 8 DVDs/videos on Qigong and rejuvenation.
  Visit her website at
www.asianhealingarts.org.  To receive her email workshop calendar, send your contact
  information to